What you'll learn

  • Write thread-safe code of any complexity
  • Keep the user interface responsive at all times
  • Use the most popular multithreading frameworks for Android (RxJava, Kotlin Coroutines, etc.)
  • Prevent memory leaks in your Android applications
  • Find subtle thread-safety bugs in code
  • Manage up to hundreds of inter-dependent threads


Section 13: Course Summary and Next Steps


Complete guide to multithreading in Android. From fundamentals to Thread Pools, RxJava and Kotlin Coroutines.


  • Basic knowledge in Android development


After completing this course, you'll be able to write correct and efficient multithreaded code of any complexity in your Android applications!

Multithreading in Android is a complex, but very important topic. It's simply impossible to write real applications without offloading at least part of the work to so-called background threads. However, if you use multiple threads in your application, you need to employ special techniques to ensure that your code is thread-safe.

As you'll see in this course, laggy user interface, freezes, memory leaks, stuck flows, crashes - all these can come as a result of thread-safety issues in your code.

With this course you'll master multithreading in Android using well-defined, structured approach:

  • Start with the most low-level fundamentals of concurrency and multithreading in Android
  • Work with the lowest level mutlithreading primitives in Android framework
  • Keep the user interface of your application responsive and snappy
  • Understand how to make your code thread-safe
  • Analyze performance of multithreaded code
  • Ramp up your skills and manage up to hundreds(!) of concurrent threads
  • Get hands-on experience with the most popular multithreading frameworks in Android world (RxJava, Kotlin Coroutines and more)

To make the course practically useful, you'll apply all the concepts and techniques you'll learn in the lectures to solving carefully designed, hands-on exercises.

One of the main goals of this course, except for making you concurrency expert, is to demonstrate how you can use the most popular multithreading frameworks to implement complex flows. This will allow you to grasp the full landscape of multithreading in Android ecosystem as a whole. Then, after you get hands-on experience with all these frameworks, you'll be able to choose the framework you like the best and use it in your own Android projects!

So, with this course you'll get real skills and will become real Android multithreading expert!

Who this course is for:

  • Android developers