What you'll learn

Welcome to the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty Certification course. This course is designed to give you the concepts, hands-on practice, practice exams and study tools needed to prepare you for the exam. Although AWS no longer requires an Associate-level certification as a prerequisite to this exam, we recommend that you achieve the Associate-level certifcation prior to attempting the Advanced Networking Specialty exam. A background in networking will prove to be very useful but is not necessarily required. In the course, we will start by building a foundational understanding of networking concepts. We will then build on those foundational concepts by focusing on the design and implementation of highly-available and fault-tolerant network infrastructures including hybrid infrastructure, VPN and Direct Connect as required to support specific user and application requirements while focusing on advanced security concepts and best practices. To reinforce your learning, this course includes lessons, hands-on labs, walkthroughs, flash cards, guides, quizzes and practice exams. Please connect with us at in the #aws channel if you have questions or feedback.


Use Case 4: Implement Placement Groups to Resolve a Network Latency Issue Between Servers

Evaluate Transit Gateway for Integration into an AWS Infrastructure

Scaling the Application Infrastructure using CloudFront

Implementing Application Architectures in a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


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